When does delivery come? 

95% of the time you will receive your order within 2-3days but sometimes it can take up to 5 business days. Please wait for a separate email informing you the delivery date. If for any reason the delay should occur, we email you as soon as possible.


Can I specify delivery date or give special delivery instruction?

On placing order, please leave date request in SPECIAL INSTRUCTION box at Cart page before checkout, quoting your order number with your request date of delivery or any transport delivery instructions. We will do our best to meet your requests.

Otherwise all other inquiries, please send email to:



Why the confirmation email didnt arrive?

Please try to create your account by inputting correct details so its easier when you return to order again. Emails bounce back when email address is inputted incorrectly. Please also check your junk holder just in case.


Will I get delivery reminder from the courier company?

We use third courier companies for orders where delivery location that is not covered by our own logistic department. The courier company should send you separate email to inform you, however, sometimes the emails are not sent out by them due to their system errors.


My products arrived defrosted but is it still safe to eat? 

We pack our products well with ice gels to keep them at very low temperatures or even below 0°up to 48hours so products may be defrosted but you can put them back to your freezer. We, however, do recommend our products to be consumed within 30days. This is only because normal setting home freezer have frequently their doors open and close.


What is the best way to defrost?

Simply put them into your fridge to defrost (Defrosting time may be different depending on which products and your fridge setting). If you want to defrost faster, run the products under cold water until defrosted but please keep them in packaging when doing so. 


When will out of stock products come back?

Due to current situation with Covid19, we are currently unable to import certain products. For other products we usually get back the stock back quickly so please visit us back in few days.